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I am so excited to be sharing my music on Spotify for free! May the songs be a blessing to your day. Enjoy!


Andrew Harper

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I was born into a God-fearing home as the son of a pastor. I know the pastor's kid title has a negative connotation to it and for a while I was on my way to fulfill that expectation. That is, until God grabbed my attention on a missions trip to Peru and challenged me to be a man after my God. Through the following months He taught me to use the gifts He gave me to glorify Him instead of myself and I began to lead worship, share written songs, and record these songs for His purposes. This is my story so far and hope you will join me in seeing how the Lord continues it!

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Prayer above all else is always a need. It is by God and His strength that I have this gift to share! I cannot express my gratitude enough to those who decide to support me. If you would consider financial support check out my patreon! God bless.


A Joyful Sound

Every song has a story behind it. Much of my music is inspired by the many lessons the Lord has taught me, prayers in quiet time, or new realizations about the character of God. All have the same purpose of placing God at the center of every situation. I have never been able to identify what genre of music I belong to and I am really okay with that. What makes this all so special is that the Lord is the one who gives me all these ideas and it shows in how different each song is from the last. I will continue to offer up my best effort and lean on Him who gives abundantly. May these songs be an encouragement to those who could use it, a light for those who are searching, or a song of praise for those who have reason to sing!

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Ships at Sea
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Our God and King
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We Wait for You
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